April Enn

Near the End of April

Near the end of April
On the verge of May —
And o my heart, the woods were dusk
At the close of day.

Half a word was spoken
Out of half a dream,
And God looked in my soul and saw
A dawn rise and gleam.

Near the end of April
Twenty Mays have met,
And half a word and half a dream
Remember and forget.

William Stanley Braithwaite —

Bi't Enn vun April

geiht april to slapen,
mai warrt langsam waak —
mien hart, wo düüster weer de woold
in'n avenddaak.

snack ik en poor silben
de en droom mi leet
un gott keek in mien seel, 'neem jüst
morgensünn opgleed

geiht april to slapen,
twintig mai loopt frie,
un bloots twee silben ut'n droom
lücht op un gaht vörbi.

Översetten: Marlou Lessing


Fotos: Thomas Seemann


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